Support Services

Support Before and After the Sale.

Our in-house facilities allow us to support our clients and their equipment from product conception, to design and testing, to manufacturing and delivery. Our designers and petroleum engineers are available 24/7 for advice and consultation, while our in-house machine shop offers you quick turnaround for virtually any component you may need. In addition, we maintain a full inventory of spare parts and can overnight them anywhere. We support our customers long after our products are shipped.

The Toughest R&D in the Industry.

We take R&D very seriously at Ironside Manufacturing. First we design our products based on extensive research. Then we simulate downhole conditions to test the shear on the roller bearings with a modified lathe. In fact, we test mud motors and all other parts extensively to ensure their endurance in the field. We dyno test every motor and motor style before it leaves our facility for both sustained performance and endurance (up to 100 hours). We test flow rates, power curves, wear patterns, and more on each design. What’s more, we conduct all testing with the utmost security.

Custom Manufacturing  – for Maximum Production.

Ironside Manufacturing gives you a competitive edge. Our custom mud motors and other oilfield parts are based on optimal design solutions that bring you maximum production time and increased revenue. Our ability to rework applications with quick turnaround times comes from our in-house design, manufacturing and test facilities. We offer third-party rebuilds and inspection to ensure that your motor inventory is ready even during your busiest production times. Our true strength is our ability to collaborate and embrace customer objectives.